looking at this blog for a final time…

The Facebook page is shut down.

The twitter will be as well. 

All great things must come to an end.

The guys are getting older now. They’re starting families, getting engaged…I think it’s time to let them live their lives the way they want to, which means us not needing to be there anymore. 

From B5, to Don’t Talk, Just Listen, To all the many singles they’ve given us, it’s without a doubt to say that the work these men put forth really show that they loved what they did.  They pushed from to the very end.

B5 is no more…maybe in the future, they will do some things here and there…but for now, things just aren’t working out, and they’re frustrated and tired. 

Bryan’s engaged. Carnell, Kelly, and Patrick are traveling the world, and Dustin has a little boy to take care of now. 

It’s time. It’s been a great 10 years following B5 and watching them year after year grow into the amazing people they are today. It’s been a pleasure running a fanpage and a street team for them. I got so much Public relation skills I never knew could come in handly as a college student now. It’s actually something I do now. Without these guys, I probably would have never known how to advertise and publicized things so well.

I’ve met many great women along the way, a few I’ve actually met, one that goes to my school right now. 

This to say, don’t be upset that they are disbanded, but be happy for the new, exciting lives they are going to have now. Life is all about finding yourself, and I believe that they did as well as the rest of us.

With tears running down my face, for the last time I say,

Peace, Love, and B5. <3 Forever.


Carnell Dustin &amp; Kelly  -Photo Shoot In China!! (: 

Nellz Having Fun In China With Some Friends! :) 
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One Minute
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B5 - One Minute 

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All Over Again
B5 · Don't Talk Just Listen
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B5 - All Over Again 


Nellz :) 

The Breeding’s In China! 

Carnell, Dustin &amp; Kelly Partying In China!

Carnell’s new tats are DOPE!
Be on the lookout  for new things! B5 isn&#8217;t done just yet! 

Picture Credit to Patrick Owen Breeding FP on Facebook :)